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January 24,2012
Imagine....$30,000/mth selling your art...

Recently found an Ontario artist named Osnat who sells very well from her website and ebay! Congrats to her for achieving such an amazing income for many years. She has a straightforward system set up with her husband in their basement and an excellent rating for customer satisfaction. I'm inspired by her organization and drive.

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January 17,2012
Teaming up...

This year seems to be a good one to team up with another artist for support, dialogue, and to hold ourselves accountable for our artistic goals. We've discussed this before but we hardly seem to see one another on a consistent basis, and when we do it's time for personal catch-up and a short discussion about the work on hand. We value our productivity at the studios and prefer not spending quality painting time conversing too long. Emailing could allow reflective time to define our goals and then create a timeline to achieve them. We think similarly and understand the benefits of identifying and realizing our goals. We simply need a consistent format of teaming up to actualize our potential.

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January 13,2012
Early abstract expressionist's work..

Viewed at the Granville Gallery downtown Vanc. works by Ray Mead (1921-1998). Gorgeous color field work, gestural markings and lovely play on vibrant colors. He was a founding member of the Canadian abstract expressionists called Painter's Eleven. Another painter is American abstractionist Joan Mitchell (1925-1992) which I'd love to view her works as well. She had the capacity to create beautiful ribbons of color and distinct strokes onto the canvas, keeping things light yet touching. There is also a style of painting, originating in post-war France, called Lyrical Abstraction, somehow this term appeals to me as it seems to signify some poetic intent on canvas. Oh the love of visual aesthetics!!

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January 05,2012
The studio is sublime!

Returning to the studio in full force, more hours to create and complete works this winter with reduced hrs at work. Looking forward to making headway, gaining a foothold on marketing, and delving back to photo realism, two works sketched and ready for interpretive painting. Reading a paperback titled "The Gardner Heist", a true story of the world's largest unsolved art theft from the Isabelle Stuart Gardner Museum, Boston, in 1990. The stolen works, worth as much as 500 million, include "The Concert" by Vermeer, "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee" by Rembrandt, and "Chez Tortoni" by Manet. What an eerie sadness as the Museum displays the empty frames on it's walls still today. Will they ever be returned? Isabelle Gardner believed that art had redemptive powers, that art is defined by how it affects people; an expression of creativity that moves people, like music and other captivating forms of art which touch the human soul and senses.

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