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February 08,2012
Consistent time for teaming up....

My colleague and I have committed to meeting the first of each month to discuss the progress of our identified goals and project new goals for the next month. We've decided to meet over coffee rather than email; friendlier, casual and for the love of a good cup of java! There is plenty of time to talk about any aspect of production and marketing. Our independent goals become unique to what each needs to accomplish. This may be the turning point of increasing progress, eliminating procrastination, and staying on track. Now that someone is listening to me,and vice versa, I'm more inspired to not fail the plan. I hold myself accountable for the goals I've layed out and I'll strive to achieve them. Goals for February: photodocument latest work, isolation coat, varnish, start new work for studio tours in April, complete and file collage work with text.

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February 01,2012
new month, new work..

Took an excellent art workshop with David Langevin a few years back and would like to incorporate some of the glazing techniques I studied into new expressionistic abstract works. Texturing and layering veils of depth, luminosity and imagery pleasing the eye and soul. If you wish to bring your painting skills to another level David's workshops are excellent. He has studied the great masters' techniques to hone his skills, beautifully rendering his 'tree portraitures' very successfully!

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