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September 25,2012
Settling in for fall

With a hectic retail summer at work I am able to hunker down and continue productivity once again at the studio. Completing the framing of a number of works ready for sales, stretch new canvas onto bars a friend gave me, and produce three new 3x5ft canvases. During the summer I began to compose a journal with a drawing for each day I am at the studio. Making notes on general goings on in my life and events with family and friends, this has proven to relax me when I arrive at the studio, given me a routine to start each day. After my entry full steam ahead to try to encompass as much productivity as possible in one day. Oh to be a full time artist would be sensational, but not responsible of me when there are bills to pay every month. Making connections alone takes time and diligence. Forging new friendships and contacts presents a challenge when you mean to do well, remain in touch and maintain productivity while working my 'other' job 24-36 hrs/wk. Nothing irks me more than being dismissed as an artist with the question 'are you a full-time artist?'- what does THAT have to do with my artistic output? Not even engaging enough to view any work, just a dismissal of some professional caliber and status. Too many artists need to work other jobs and maintain their creativity, kudos to them that make this happen!

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