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November 20,2020
Devoted to the last brushstroke..

The other day I found myself ready to leave the studio after a long go at painting. I cleaned brushes, refreshed water buckets, turned down the heat, turned off the warmer for my coffee mug, put my winter jacket on and thought I'd be on my way.

Then from the corner of my eye the painting on the easel was trying to say missed a brush mark, your colors don't sit well, there are dull spaces in the work. Whatever it was I was opening tubes of paint, pulling out brushes all while wearing my jacket.... I was attempting to add the magic we as artists strive to develop into our work. Feeling the need to tweak and at times overwork a painting can be with devotion, yet contagious.

Many times I thought I'd completed a painting only to return to add that superpowerful brushstroke or the brilliant hit of a particular color in the hopes of bringing forward my best as a painter. If you do reach this point there's a settled feeling inside, at peace with your abilities to orchestrate a beautiful image, and I guess that is why we as artists carry on.....

Stay safe everyone, 


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