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June 03,2021
Back in the studio...

When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade!! 

Studio time is so precious to me and the work I produce, uninterrupted, where I can contemplate my current work and the next body of work I am interested in pursuing. My passion will continue being fulfilled by exploring abstracts and representational realism.

I've come to realize that I am not a social media type individual! I am an artist who is driven to paint on canvas with little to no time for social media formats needed to keep an active profile of communication through these outlets.

Forgive me for not embracing these current 'social norms'. With the time helping and loving my family, maintaining our home, attending my other job that pays my studio rent, becoming a Grandma for the first time this August, gardening, weeding, watering and a multitude of other tasks and responsibilities there is no other time to spend sitting at a computer to gain popular representation.

This is my channel of a web presence, outreach, and communication. I am committed to reserving my energies to produce beautiful works of art. I strive to work full time at the studio when I retire next year. Until then my focus is on occupying whatever time I can contribute to painting at the studio.

My work is available for viewing by appointment, my studio is located in Port Moody, BC and I may be reached by email: [email protected]

Thank you sincerely for your interest in my work and I hope one day I may enrich your living space with blissfully colorful and joyful works of art!



Positive Disposition





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